Vision - An active presence in a changing world

The YWCA in India continues to be challenged in empowering women and girls to face gender inequities, social and economic disparities, caste based discrimination and all forms of violence against women. Today in a world ridden with environmental degradation, violation of human rights, the YWCA as one of the largest women's movements is in a strong position to be an agent for social transformation and change.

Mission - To promote advocacy and action

In a changing world with changing needs, the YWCA of India needs to respond effectively with timely intervention in programmes and projects that specifically address the needs of marginalized communities. It calls us to move into new areas of work such as Sexual reproductive health rights of young women and girls, HIV/AIDS, and our work to be inclusive of all communities regardless of age, class, caste, creed, religion and to be committed to protecting human dignity and environment.

Local Associations
Upcoming Events

  • Orientation for the new National Board Members of 2014-18, 22nd-23rd March 2014

Video clips
Local News:
  • YWCAs across the country prepare for the World Council by sending in reports of activities & products for fund raising.
  • Video clips on hostel residents prepared by YWCA of Madras, YWCA of Secunderabad, YWCA of Ernakulam to be showcased at World Council 2011